Project Synapse: Capability Assessment of the CSIR

Project Information

  • Partner: CSIR
  • Students: Pambili Gcaza (WSU), Julian Daniels (US), Khutso Manamela (UL)
  • Project Lead: Johan Strydom
  • Project Mentors: Lebogang Mere
  • Year: 2017/2018

Project Description

Project Synapse is the project that focuses on the Capability Assessment of the CSIR. Project Synapse was launched to enhance the CSIR’s industrial development strategy with the aim of improved support to South African industry thereby contributing to competitiveness of the country’s economy. Primarily it is required that the Project Synapse Capability Assessment results be hosted on an online platform (online system) that allows for further interrogation, as well as any future updates. The following navigation and visualizations of the data are required:

  1. Navigation from different levels i.e ( from catalogue level, capability group level, capability subgroup level and capability level).
  2. The mechanism for Research Group Leaders to update data associated with their Research Groups.
  3. Ability to restructure the catalogue to facilitate required views as and when required.

Based on our data analysis, Project Synapse has managed to investigate, select and implement the visuals suitable for the structure of our data i.e Zoomable Bubble Chart and Heat map. Furthermore we are now trying to deploy our visuals to a dashboard which will allow the required navigation on the online platform (online system). Attached below is the snapshot of our Bubble Chart showing the catalogue level of the CSIR.