Project Struman Bridge Management System: Pysical structure monitoring

Project Information

  • Stakeholder: CSIR
  • Students: Ramadimetse Kupa (UP), Phillemon Makamane (SMU)
  • Project Lead: Ismail Sallie
  • Project Mentors: Perseverance Mbewe
  • Year: 2016/2017

Project Description

The project is a project assigned at carefully summarizing a large dataset of information pertaining to various road structure types across Southern Africa which are governed and maintained by different road authorities. The project will allow various authority types to monitor structures and track the state of these structures in an efficient yet easy to use system. The Project- Struman Bridge Management‘s main aim is to create a system that summarises data about various structure types and visualise it so that the road authorities to manage their respective road structures easily.

The first Struman Bridge Management System team developed a dashboard visualizing three main components where the end-user can select the required authority, structure type and all the structures belonging to the particular authority, were populated on a map with a pie chart to assist in navigating through the different index categories as well as predicted the quality of those structure for the authority selected. The Struman Bridge Management system further loaded Inventory data and inspection data with automatic submission for editing and updating information for specific structures. Below is the diagram showing the design structure of the Struman Bridge Management:

Student Remarks

The students appreciated the help from their mentors when they had problems. They learned new programming languages namely Node.js, Machine learning, javascript, HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, sc.js, Google Maps API, Gitlab and also learned team work.

Author: Team + Nolihle Gulwa, B Tech Journalism, Walter Sisulu University.