Project DSIDE Story Telling: Chronicling and summarising the program for 2017/2018

Project Information

  • Partner: CSIR
  • Students: Ntandoyenkosi Nsusha, Tebogo Matshana
  • Project Lead: Dr. Quentin Williams, Dhiren Seetharam
  • Project Mentors: Lebogang Mere
  • Year: 2017/2018

Project Description

The DSIDE Storytelling project aims to assist the various DSIDE programme participants through putting together creative, interesting and comprehendible front end visuals, including infographics. Moreover, DSIDE Storytelling aims to create an explanatory visual narrative in the form of a five to ten minute video. The video seeks to describe the overall historical background and personal experiences encountered by both participating students as well as programme co-ordinators/leaders. The video created acts as a promotional tool aimed at attracting students from multidisplinary fields as well as potential funders and project providers by presenting insight into the components of the DSIDE programme. Activities required for the process of documenting this video are interviews, installation of video editing software and research about the DSIDE programme. Ultimately, the DSIDE Storytelling project aims to extract the underlying real world stories that drive each of the given projects.