Project Thebe: Mining cyber threats

Project Information

  • Organisation: CSIR DPSS
  • Students: Purity Molala (UL), Tlou Boloka (NWU), Theron Khosa (UJ)
  • Project Lead: Dr. Vukosi Marivate, Ms. Nyalleng Moorosi
  • Project Mentors: Ofentswe Lebogo, Jessica Nemasisi
  • Year: 2016/2017

Project Description

Project-Thebe is a project assigned by the Defence Peace Safety and Security (DPSS) one of the department within CSIR. The project is aimed at developing a web application based solution that is capable of collecting, cleaning and analyzing the cyber vulnerabilities and threats.Thebe’s main objective is to alert and assist the organizations with a better respond to the vulnerabilities and threats on their computer hardware and software asset list. The first phase the Thebe team collected data from the National Vulnerability Database and CVE-Details datasource and used it for analysis, they then cleaned their data that was loaded from XML (eXtensible Markup Language) file and converted it to a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file using ipython notebooks.They further focused on manipulating, filtering and visualising the data on the web-app development.

Student Remarks


The students feel inspired by the DSIDE vacation work experience where they learned to get out of their comfort zones and opened themselves to learning new things such as programming, machine learning and python. In addition to that they learned teamwork, accountability, and focus on delivery of the project.

Author: Team + Nolihle Gulwa, B Tech Journalism, Walter Sisulu University.