Project Municipal Money & Youth Explorer: Investigating youth opportunities based on municipal profiles

Project Information

  • Partner: City of Cape Town
  • Students: Anri Smith(UCT), Tebogo Lejaka(UNISA), Thabang Mashinini(WITS)
  • Project Lead: Dr. Quentin Williams
  • Project Mentors: Linda Khumalo
  • Year: 2017/2018

Project Description

This project aims to address youth unemployment as well as service delivery by municipalities.

Youth unemployment is addressed through regression tree analysis. Youth characteristics are regressed against youth employment. The variables of particular significance are adult employment within the household, matric qualification and multi-dimensional poverty.

Service delivery is addressed through the formulation of a profiles measure. A municipality’s profile is dependent on its efficiency(wasted expenditure) and basic services score. There are a total of four profiles which effectively rank municipalities. Furthermore a Support Vector Machine (SVM) model is built to predict a municipalities profile. From this model variables of particular influence are also extracted. Some significant variables include adult employment within the household, the operating surplus margin of the municipality and income poverty.

Furthermore given a municipality’s profile analysis of income and expenditure is conducted. From this it can seen where municipalities receive the majority of their funds furthermore their spending priorities are also evident.