Data Science for Impact and Decision Enablement (DSIDE)

DSIDE recruits vacation students over the period of June/July (Phase 1 - lasting 4 weeks) and continuing December/January (Phase 2 - lasting 8 weeks).

The programme is hosted at the CSIR. The aim of the programme is to support capacity building in the ever growing field of data science by scheduling recruits to participate in mentor-guided and learn-by-doing problem solving of real-world needs as presented by different stakeholders.

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) is the primary funder of the programme.

The projects have a common theme that adapts a visual analytics framework with goals that include understanding the dataset through interactive visual exploration and model development. Extracted insights are intended to trigger actions towards better decision-making for various users.

The CSIR DSIDE programme puts emphasis on problem solving, creativity and encourages students to be curious. Experienced mentors from the CSIR data science community will introduce machine learning topics, tools, theories and guide students in this project-driven environment. Given that this is a learn-by-doing initiative, our stakeholders do not expect the delivery of market-ready output at the end of the programme.


  • Mr. Tshepiso Mokoena (tmokoena1@csir.co.za)
  • Ms. Mahlatse Ratsoma (mratsoma@csir.co.za)
  • Dr. Vukosi Marivate (vmarivate@csir.co.za)